The Beauty Workshops offers 1-3 day Fast Track Courses, Fully Insurable, Diploma leading to VTCT Internationl Qualification if required See Special Offers for 2016

Top to Toe Courses specially designed for the individual 1/2 day or 1 day see list a bottom of page for more info:

  • Skin Care Massage & Mask Therapy: 1 day Cost - £150 00 This one day course will enable you perform a facial to include- analyse the skin by face mapping : cleanse : exfoliate : facial massage: mask application : tone and moisturise the skin using the correct products to suit the correct skin type.
  • Make-Up Day: Evening: Special Occasion Techniques: 2 Day: Cost £300
  • EyeLash/ Brow Tinting and Shaping: 1/2 day Cost £75 For those wishing to add to qualifications already gained, or has an interest in the subject
  • Eyelash Extensions: 1 day to include eyelash tinting £250.00 Learning the art of applying individual lashes. You may need 1/2 day extra depending on how confident you are at the technique of applying the lashes. This will discussed and agreed during the tuition day Kit included
  • We use Emporium Lashes which are excellent. It is beneficial for you to buy a kit from them as you will need to practice after your training session to gain experience.
  • Waxing - Hot/Warm Wax Method 1 to 2 days Cost £150. per day Depending on the candidates experience. VTCT Course 3 days
  • Threading - £125.00. 10am to 3pm 4 techniques are taught. After training you will have to practice to gain experience and master the technique
  • GEL UV/LED NAIL COURSE 1/2 DAY to include the Preparation , Colour and French Application, and the correct method of removal. Course Price £75
  • The Beauty Workshop Manicure Course- 10 am to 3pm Cost £150. Suitable for individuals who have an interest in hand and nail treatments or would like to add this to skills already gained within the beauty industry. The person will be able to perform a professional manicure treatment with coloured nail enamel and french polish finish.
  • Pedicure as above.
  • If Manicure and Pedicure is taken together 1 1/2 days is sufficient
  • Luxury Manicure or Pedicure Treatments- 1/2 day Cost £75 To include Paraffin Wax: Heated Mitts/Boots and Hot Oil Treatment
  • Spray Tanning - Cost £60 1/2 DAY Includes skills in the use of a spray gun and the technique of applying a full body tan.
  • Ear Candling- 1 day Cost £130
  • Refresher courses available by consultation
  • Massage for the Family (min 2 persons) £100
  • Aromatherapy for the Home learn the correct blending of essentials oils for home use. 1/2 day £40
  • 1 DAY Learn how to look after your skin : Make-Up Lesson : Health Eating : Beautiful Hands and Nails: £50
Anne qualified in Swedish and Acupressure Massage in 1981 and since studied many massage modalities.She brings a wealth of experienceas well as humour to her courses.
+ Denotes courses that are open to all. Please note that to practice professionally, students would need to obtain insurance, which sometimes requires haveing A&P
Tsuboki - Japanese Face Massage is a wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment. Clients love it because itis easily accesible, yet feels like a full body massage. For therapists, it is the opportunity to offer your clients something different, and it is a treatment that is gentle on the hands and wrists - and can be performed sitting down. After massaging the neck and face with light oil, we work on over 50 tsubos ( acupressure points ) and 8 meridians on the face before finishing with some simple lymphatic drainage

Open to students who have completed level 1
You will learn new points and techniques to enhance and vary your Japanese Face Massage
The day will include
  • opportunity to ask questions, troubleshooting
  • Extra points on the scalp, and elswhere on the body
  • Additional techniques, some of which build on techn iques learned ion level 1
  • Use of "ridoki ", steel rollers; techniques using these tools that can incorporate into your JFM. Clients love these !

Tsuboki Foot Massage
Tsuboki Foot Massage is a way of reaching the whole body through the feet. After a relaxing and effective massage to the foot and lower leg, we work 33 tsubos, or acupressure points and 6 meridians on both feet. These influence the flow of energy along the meridians, some have specific uses for ailments. Appreciated by reflexologists and non-reflexologists alike

This really is the most accesible of all the massages, and complets the Tsuboki trilogy. The meridians that run through the hand are related to then MENTAL and EARTH energied, meaning that by working on them we are having primarily DETOXING and CALMING influences.
More than just a hand massage, it includes ;
  • A detailed warm up to the forearm ( as this is where most of the muscles are that control the hand movement )
  • Warm up and mobilisation of the hands and wrists
  • A thorough massage on all surfaces of the hands, thus accessing all reflex areas
  • Over 50 acupressure points on 6 meridians on the hands and forearms

All Tsuboki Course Fees exept Level 2 Face are £155; Face and Foot add £15 for DVD

Many students find that once they have been introduced to the concepts of Tsubos and Merdians, they want to know more. This course has been designed to complementthe Tsuboki courses, but also a stand alon course for personal interest - therefore there are no requirments, it is open to all. Learn how to treatm common ailments using tools that are always to "hand " ( excuse the pun ) REduce the need for drugs medical intervention simply by pressing and rubbing specific points on your body.
After a brief introduction to meridian theory, we will spend the daylearning which acupressure points can be pressed to help such cnditions as :
Lower Back Pain : Menstual Difficulties : Tired Legs : Insomnia : And many more.

Want to give a massage that is deep and effective, but not painful to either yourself or your client's Then join the class to enjoy a fun, practical and very useful day.

On this informative 1 day course, you will learn how to select remedies for yourself family and friends, and to know when they couls be useful for clients. This is not a practioner training, but you will gain an understanding of these gentle yet powerful remedies,and understand the difference between type remedies and first aid usues

The cost of these courses are £100 plus any materials or tool costs

Dates for theses courses will be arranged to suit the course interest for each individual A minimum of 4 students per class.

Any interest please call Janette on 07801 654 233